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Packets of Potential

What is a Seed Library?

Our Seed Library is a collection of open-pollinated, ecologically grown seeds available for the Mayne Island community and maintained by the community (yup you!).

When you participate in the Mayne Island Seed Library you are contributing to food and seed security on Mayne. If you live and garden on Mayne you may borrow seed. In return, we request that you save seed and return some of it to the library. This way, the library will be able to maintain its supply of seed for future seasons. 

1) Look through the available seed and request up to 8 varieties 

2) Grow your seed organically (not pesticides please!)

3) Let some of your plants go to seed and return some seed to the library!

Please note that there are limited numbers of seeds to distribute so you many not get all the seeds you select. We will email to let you know when your seeds are available and how to pick them up.

How to Participate

Need Help Saving Seeds?

Check out the"Resources" page. Not ready to commit to saving seeds? Check out the "Seed Exchange" page.

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